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About CC

- College Compass is the result of a vision by its founder. CC is not owned or run by a large corporation. Hence, you will very often be dealing with the owner or a designated helper.


- How do my students sign-up?

    Ans: After your organization completes the sign-up form and remits payment (if required), you will be given an Admin and a Student Code. These codes will be used to register within CC. Be sure to tell your students not to share the code with other friends outside the organization.

- How are students graded?

    Ans: College Compass is divided into modules. All the modules have automatic grading criteria that checks for the completion of specific information. CC does not grade the quality of the responses entered by participants.

- Can students use CC on a mobile device?

    Ans: Yes

- Is the grading criteria adjustable?

    Ans: The grading criteria is standard across CC

- What do students get when they finish CC?

    Ans: Participants can view and print out their entire CC journey. See the dashboard for a sample

- How long does it take to complete CC?

    Ans: Normal time is between 2 and 4 weeks. This time is necessary if the participants truly explores career information and performs activities such as reach-out to a person that is active in their potential career.

- Does student access expire with my organizations access expires?

    Ans: No, students have access for 2 years

- What kind of support is available for my students?

    Ans: An online ticket system is available on the Student Dashboard and CC Primary home page. Response is within 24 hours (except weekends)


- How does my staff sign-up?

    Ans: Staff members are given an admin registration code. They use the code to sign-up and select an appropriate role.

- Are training resources available for my staff?

    Ans: Helpful documents are available on the CC website.

- How are participants divided into groups?

    Ans: At present, the participant will enter a "Teacher" name under Organizational Information area. When reports are run, you can filter by Teacher name.

- How does my staff run reports?

    Ans: Login to the admin area and select the reports option.


- What does this mean?

    Ans: CC was initially designed to enable select colleges to query student information. However, this service not available. Any changes to availability will require opting IN by your organization. Meaning, you must say that you want your participant information to be searchable by a provided list of colleges.

- What information is sold or given to 3rd parties?

    Ans: NO INFORMATION or ACCESS to CC is provided to your organizational information.


- Do you offer quantity discounts?

    Ans: CC simplfies pricing by charging one rate per participant (not staff) - per year. No charge for staff access to admin area.

- Do you offer benefits for referring the CC service to other organizations?

    Ans: The CC pricing model is very low margins. The goal is to make the service available to many at a very affordable cost. However, if your organization refers many other organizations - we would consider extending your service or increasing the number of participants that can access CC within your organization.

- How do you customize CC?

    Ans: Within 24 hours after payment receipt, you will be prompted for your logo, organizational colors and other related text. Staff will update your profile within 24 hours and you will be ready view your customized profile. Of course, any necessary changes will be made.

- Setup Time?

    Ans: Setup time is typically 24 to 48 hours - after payment is received. You will be provided with registration codes for Participants and Staff and CC will be customized per the responses you provide.

- Payment Options

    Ans: At this time only online payments are accepted via Paypal. No organizational checks.

- How does the CC test work?

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